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The Perfect Place

Bonaire lies 50 miles off of the South American coast and comprises the "B" as part of the ABC islands. Unlike its sister islands of Aruba and Curacao - Bonaire is considered to be a Dutch Municipality and is thus directly ruled from The Netherlands.


Though Bonaire has an arid and desert like climate, the island is blessed by a constant sea breeze thus making the island comfortably live-able even under the mid day sun. Bonaire is doubly blessed by its location, as its just outside the Caribbean hurricane belt and features pristine turquoise waters, well preserved reefs teaming with fish and an interior studded with thousands of cacti and roaming wild donkeys.
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The island is thus a popular destination for sports fisherman, divers, hikers, cyclist, Blok Kart enthusiasts, wind surfers, kite sailors and kayaker's via the islands mangrove swamps. 

Though the island appears quite isolated on a map, its well connected to the outside world thanks to direct flights to Europe and North America. The island is well stocked with European grocery stores, restaurants and coming soon 5G internet.

The small quaint capital city of Kralendijk features colorful pseudo style Dutch architecture reminiscent of Amsterdam. There are a number of Dutch cafe's, souvenir shops and some fine dining as well. Its westerly location on the island affords a perfect viewpoint for Caribbean sunsets. Bonaire is also a somewhat popular cruise ship destination especially among German cruise ship lines. The guests enjoy the islands high standard of living, water sport activities, safety and its appreciation of its natural splendor.

Its very common to meet fellow tourists whom have been to the island half a dozen times or more. Many refer to Bonaire as the Caribbean's best kept secret. Apart from its various sporting options they also appreciate the islands fine restaurant selection which ranges from fresh seafood, Italian, Steak, Chinese, Chicken / Ribs as well as traditional Dutch fare..

The populace itself is quite diverse and varies from ex-pats by way of The Netherlands, retiree's from North America, descendants of African slaves, South American laborers as well colonial transplants by way of the old Dutch empire as ethnic-Chinese from Indonesia.

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